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SN.Event NameDate Day/month/yearResource Person with YearNo of Students
1Two days Workshop on PYTHON Technology by SoftPro Group of
Companies, Lucknow.
August 06-07, 2018.Mr.Rohit Kumar120
2Two days Workshop on PHP bySoftPro Group of Companies, Lucknow.August 08-09, 2018.Mr.Rohit Kumar60
3Two Days Workshop on ANDROIDbySoftPro Group of Companies, Lucknow.September 26-27,
Mr.Rohit Kumar65
4Two days Workshop on PYTHONADVANCE by SoftProGroup- ofCompanies, Lucknow.September 24-25,
Mr.Rohit Kumar112
5Seminar on Google Crowdsourceand
Machine Learning
January 31, 2019.Ali Mustafa-
6Two days Workshop on Data Science
with Python by TechieNest,
February 19-20, 2019.Mr.Shadab60
7One day workshop on JAVASCRIPT By
Softpro India Computer Technology Pvt Ltd.
Feb 11,2020Mr.Rohit Kumar75

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