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Third Semester

  • KCS351 Data Structures Using C Lab
  • KCS352 Computer Organization Lab
  • KCS353 Discrete Structure & Logic Lab

Fourth Semester

  • KCS451 Operating Systems Lab
  • KIT451 Web Designing Lab
  • KCS453 Python Language Programming Lab

Fifth Semester

  • KCS551 Database Management System Lab
  • KIT551 Web Technology Lab
  • KCS553 Design and Analysis of Algorithm Lab

Sixth Semester

  • KCS661 Software Engineering Lab
  • KIT661 Data Analytics Lab
  • KCS663 Computer Networks Lab

Seventh Semester

  • RIT751 Cryptography & Network Security Lab
  • RCS752 Artificial Intelligence Lab
  • RIT753 Industrial Training
  • RIT754 Project

Eighth Semester

  • RIT851 Seminar
  • RIT852 Project

IT Labs

  • Artificial Lab
  • Programming Lab
  • Web Technology Lab
  • Network Simulation Lab
  • Information Security Lab

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