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Winner in SIH 2020 – Internal Hackathon

Name of Group LeaderDomain BucketTopicMembers
Shivendra Pratap Singh (EE4)Smart CityBrown field smart city for commerical, residential and industrial zone
  1. Aditya Mishra  (EE4)
  2. Ayush Chaubey  (EE4)
  3. Harshit Singh  (EE4)
  4. Ashray Sarkar (EE4)
  5. Praveshika Tiwari (EE2)
Abdul Rehman (EE3)PD152Customized
Work Surface
For Disabled to
VariousFunctional Positions
  1. Rishikesh Rawat (EE3)
  2. Aniket Singh EE3)
  3. Km. Deepa (EE2)
  4. Nancy Gulshan (EE2)
  5. Khushboo (EE3)
Kritika Tiwari (EE2)IC475Multi Purpose Robotic Arm for Mess/Kitchen For Bulk Cooking
  1. Govind Kushwaha (EE2)
  2. Simon Shah (EE2)
  3. Md.Yusuf  (EE2)
  4. Sajid Ansari(EE2)
  5. Utkarsh Tiwari (EE2)

Project selected for AKTU innovation gallery

  • Manish Sahani, Ajar Kumar, Sunil Kumar and Akarsh Awasthi – “IoT based Healthcare monitoring system”
  • Ratnesh – Project displayed in innovation gallery” Smart Village” in the session 2018-19

Other Achievements

  • Vivek Bind, Ayush Chaubey, Sunil Kumar Patel, Shivendra Pratap Singh won first prize in technical fest which held in IIT BHU VARANASI from February 16-18, 2018.
  • Ishtiyaq Ansari EE 42 qualified GATE 2018.

Session 2018-19

1.RatneshProject on Smart Village Selected in rural innovation scheme of AKTU 2018-19
2.Akash VermaQualified Gate 2019
3.Ratnesh, Himanshu Srivastava, Abhijeet Singh , Akhilesh  Kumar Vishwakarma, Avinash Kumar ShahiPublished Research paper on Smart City in International Journal of Scientific Research and Development Volume7, Issue 3 June 2019 pp 634-636.
4.Shivam JhaPublished Research article on road safety by proposal of smart accident preventing system in  Seminar on Road safety organized by Institute of Engineer’s Lucknow on 3rd May 2019
3.Abdul Rehman, Rishikesh Rawat and Aniket SinghSecond Year students won first prize in Frugal Engineering(Robo War, Jugad) in KIT Kanpur
4.Sunil Kumar Patel and Vivek BindThird Year students won third prize in circuit making competition in KIT Kanpur
5. Manish Kumar TripathiFinal Year Student won first prize in poster making competition in KIT Kanpur
6.Shivendra Pratap Singh, Sunil Kr Patel, Vivek Bind, Ayush chaubeyWon first prize in Hydracs event in TECHNEX 2019 in IIT BHU
7.Sunil Kr Patel, Vivek Bind, Ayush chaubey, Hrshit Singh and Shubham SinhaParticipated in Hurdle Mania  in TECHNEX 2019 in IIT BHU

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