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Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Babu Banarasi Das Northern India Institute of Technology, Lucknow.We have a strong undergraduate program in mechanical engineering. Our students work in almost every technology-based industry: automotive, steel and materials, robotics and manufacturing. Our goal for undergraduate students is to give them a high-quality engineering education that includes hands-on experience. In their curriculum, they are encouraged to take up mini and major projects to supplement theoretical knowledge with practical experience.These projects enable them to understand the relevance of working in a group and also help them to realize the finer aspects and importance of teamwork. The faculty members work with capable students on individual projects. The teaching learning is carried out using latest techniques of pedagogy. It is our endeavor to inculcate in the students adequate level of knowledge, skill and attitude.

The department has a distinguished record in teaching and can boast of faculty members having excellent academic credentials and teaching expertise.

We strive to ensure that all our undergraduate students have a strong education with teaming and leadership skills, involvement in extra-curricular activities, and the practical background of internship experience. We believe that emphasizing these areas will make our students well qualified to take leadership roles in the future.

Whether you are a current or former student, a potential student, or a visitor, please feel free to contact or visit us.

Prof.(Dr.) N.K. Mishra
Head of the department

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