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1Workshop24.05.202211am to 2pmFull Stack web development using MERNDr. Swasti Agrawal Director Precursor Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
2Student Workshop27.04.202210am to 04 pmPython with MLBrajesh Mishra (Sr. Software Consultant , Softpro India Pvt Ltd.)
3Student WorkshopMarch 25, 202211:00 a.m. to 01:00p:mProfile Building and Career AvenuesMr.satish Anand
4Student Development Program (ONLINE)March 03, 202211:00 a.m. to 01:00p:mHow To Crack Top Rated Placements , Higher Education & ScholarshipsMr.satish Anand
5Seminar27-04-202210:00 a.m to 04:00 p.mPython with MLMr. Brijesh Mishra
6Workshop23-12-202110:30 a.m to 04:30 p.mPython &  its application with IOTMr. Rohit Kumar
7Seminar08-12-202103:00 PM to 5:00 P.M.MACHINE LEARNING With Project IdeasMr. Animesh Kumar Mishra
8WebinarJune 09, 202103:00 PM to 5:00 P.M.Python & Machine LearningMr. Rohit Kumar
9Seminar08-12-202103:00 PM to 5:00 P.M.MACHINE LEARNING With Project IdeasMr. Animesh Kumar Mishra
10WebinarJuly 15, 202115:00hrs to 16:00hrsCURRENT TRENDS IN COMPUTER SCIENCEMr. Abhiram Singh

S.No.Name of Activity DateTimeTopic of the Activity Name of Speakers
Departmental Activity
1Webinar12/7/202011:00am-12:30pmDigital MarketingAsit Pathak
2Webinar16-07-202011:00am-12:30pmData AnalyticsZaid Kamil
3Webinar27-12-202011:00am-01:00pmDevOps ApplicationMs. Jasmeen Kamboj
4Coding test18-10-202009:00am-12:00pmCoding testCSE Departrment
5Technical Test1/11/202009:00am-12:00pmTechnical TestCSE Departrment
6Technical Test/Gd22-11-202009:00am-12:00pmTechnical Test/GdCSE Departrment
7Coding test29-11-202009:00am-12:00pmCoding testCSE Departrment
8Aptitude Reasoning and general english test19-12-202009:00am-12:00pmAptitude Reasoning and general english testCSE Departrment
9Technical Test/Gd20-12-202009:00am-12:00pmTechnical Test/GdCSE Departrment
10Webinar12/12/20204:00pmORM Framework and its implementationDr. Swati Agarwal
11Webinar9/5/202011:00am-12:30pmMagic of deep learningDr. Aditya Nigam
Student Activity
12Workshop9/7/2020- 10/07/202009:00am-12:00pmPython student
13Cultural and sports fest,IIM Lucknow10/7/202009:00am-12:00pmEnglish parliamentary DebateSahil Sachdev(CS3rd year-Student)
14E-summit,IIM Lucknow11/7/202009:00am-12:00pmMotive of unboxing ideasSahil Sachdev(CS3rd year-Student)
15Smart India Hackathon,202018-01-202010:00am-01:00pmSoftware CategoryRadhekrishna Singh(CS-3rdyear-student)
16Quarantine movie marathon11/7/202010:00am-01:00pmOnline movie marathonKhushboo Srivastava(CS-3rd year-student)
17Anveshan5/5/202012:00pm-03:00pmInnovation of deep thinking to deal with present pandemic situationSahil Sachdev(CS3rd year-Student),Pratibha Gupta(CS-3rdyear-student)
18Digital Poster making Contest15/3/202009:00am-12:00pmPoster MakingPriya rajput(Cs3rd year-student)

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