Infrastructure Facilities

Department of Computer Science & Engineering at B.B.D.N.I.I.T, Lucknow has a well equipped Computer Centre and dedicated labs for Advanced DBMS Lab, Artificial Intelligence Lab, Digital Image Processing Lab and Distributed System Lab. Labs are equipped with IBM-X3650 Intel XEON E5405 series servers, Compaq MLPROLIANT 330 server and HP Net server E60. Our campus is connected by high speed LAN and Internet facility is provided throughout

All labs are connected to internet with 2 high speed lines:

  • 50 MBPS, 1:1 ( SIKKA)
  • 155 MBPS, 1:1 ( TATA)
1CSE-LAB-1ACER Intel Core i5-7400@3.00GHz  RAM 4GB Hard Disk 1TB30
2CSE-LAB-2HCL-1295 Core2 DUO 2.40 GHz  RAM 2GB DDR2 Hard Disk 250GB30
3CSE-LAB-3HCL-1295 Core2 DUO 2.40 GHz RAM 2GB DDR2 Hard Disk 250GB29
4COMPUTER CENTRE-LAB4 Lenovo Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9400@2.90 GHz  RAM 8GB  Hard Disk 1TB60
5CSE-LAB-5ACER Intel Core(TM) i5-7400@3.00 GHz RAM 4GB Hard Disk 1TB18

Computer Labs

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