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Faculty development Program

S.No.DateTopic of the Activity
1May 31, 2020-June 01, 2020Trends in Technological Intelligence  (I2I-2020)
2June 26, 2020 -June 27,2020Computational Intelligence (COIN-2020)


S. No.DateTopic of the Activity
1June 06-07,2020Online Webseries on ” Technical Insider”
2May 02,2020Basic of Cyber Security and Career Guidance
3May 03, 2020Impact of COVID-19 on Global Startup Ecosystems
4May 05, 2020Artificial Intelligence to Revolutionize Holistic Development
5May 25, 2020Life as an International Student in the UK and the Beginning of your Future Career
6May 30, 2020”  Dive in to Winning Technological World..!”
7June 05, 2020Celebration of “World Environment Day
2020 (WED -2020)” Theme : Biodiversity
8June 21, 2020Webinar on “Workflow Automation”
9June 22, 2020Current Trends in Semiconductor Industry
10June 23,2020The Machine Learning and Its Modern World
11July 19, 2020Challenges of Energy for Sustainable Development
12July 26, 2020Indian Space Programme:  A Journey


S. No.DateTopic of the Activity
1June 06-07,2020Online Webseries on “Technical Insider”

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