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Message from HOD The humanities and Professional communication constitute a whole universe of intellectual domains, spanning the entire range of knowledge pertinent to human relationships, our history and prospects for the future. Departments of Humanities and Professional communication were established in most IITs at the very beginning of their creation as centers of excellence in engineering and the physical sciences, with the eminently sensible view that technical education needs to be complemented by a vital appreciation of the interpersonal context of all learning. Indeed, B.Tech students have for long found the experience of taking courses in these departments eye-opening, valuing throughout their lives even their limited exposure to Socratic forms of dialogue and reasoning.While the courses and streams we offer may differ, the type of education the department offers cannot be put into neat silos of disciplinary differentiation. Rather, what we aim to provide is a liberal education, in the broadest sense of the term, implying the refinement of reasoning, openness to new ideas, excellence in communication and a commitment to democratic values and ethical behaviour. Along the way, knowledge and skills will of course be acquired, but what we are aiming for most of all is that students and scholars in any stream or discipline will also become reflective, thinking and inquiring individuals having sensitivity and purpose in our complex world.

Dr. Laxmi Vajpeyi
Associate Professor
Tel: Work (+91-5122) 3911133
Email: headhumanities@bbdniit.ac.in
Contact Us: Babu Banarasi Das Northern India Institute of Technology
Old Block, 5th Floor, Room No: 621

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