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Educational Objectives

BBDNITM, one of the most reputed Information Technology engineering college in Lucknow has been providing, to all aspiring students, a very practical, competitive and reputed B.Tech course in IT engineering.

Information Technology (IT) Engineering is the base of today’s technological era, an era that runs on data and information. Without the IT industry, all the advancements in the zone of computers and other smart gadgets would be of no use because every such machine requires data in different forms to function. Without the knowledge of IT engineering, the consistent transfer of data and the constant working of such machines would not be possible. IT engineering is, therefore, one of the major support pillars of all the development that is taking place around the globe right now.

Thus, there is constant need for capable IT engineers to take on the responsibility of the smooth running of all the industries. Understanding the depth of such a responsibility, BBDNITM, in spite of being reputed as the best B.Tech. college in Lucknow, maintains extra caution in ticking off some objectives to make its students truly deserving. These objectives are:

  • Thorough, and comprehensive, theoretical learning through classes and teachers
  • Hands-on practical knowledge using the most modern of machineries and labs
  • Real-life training through internships and independent projects & researches
  • Independent learning, and development of skills, through the unlimited study material always available at the disposal

Opportunities For Information Technology Engineers

For any IT engineer, let’s consider the following few points:

  1. Every company, and industry, has a whole independent sector dedicated solely for IT needs;
  2. Every upcoming company will need an IT domain and engineer, especially the online companies;
  3. With all the technological development taking place, the scope for research in this field is increasing by the second;
  4. There is no near alternative, even in theory, for IT engineering.

With only these few points, one can conclude that there isn’t any dearth of opportunities in the IT industry, in terms of job and research.

A few jobs usually offered just after B.Tech. are:

  • Software Developer
  • IT Engineer
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • IT Executive
  • SEO Engineer
  • IT Manager
  • Software Engineer

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