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Educational Objectives

Civil Engineering is the study of one of the core disciplines of engineering, and one of the most important ones too. Especially with the increasing population and the limited space our Earth has, the world is in dire need of a magic that can only be created by professionals like Civil engineers. Even speaking of our country, which supports more than 14 percent of the world’s population on just about 3 percent of the land, India needs capable and hardworking Civil engineers to balance proportions.

Thus, reputed to be the best B.Tech college in Lucknow, Babu Banarasi Das University (BBDU), based on their understanding of this demand for Civil Engineers, now provide students an all-round course.

BBDU provides, to all its students, a course:

  • With highly educated and well-experienced faculty, with a proactive and encouraging style of teaching, to boost morale as well as knowledge;
  • With state-of-the-art laboratories and civil equipment, for proper practical education;
  • With emphasis on practical trainings and internships for professional training, practical applications and education on real-time problems;
  • With vast reading materials, as well as, access to international journals and papers.

Opportunities For Civil Engineers

BBDU has made it to be the top civil engineering college in Lucknow. Civil engineers design, plan, organize and oversee the building of structures such as dams, bridges, gas and water supply systems, sewerage systems and roads.

Civil engineers may work for:

  • Private engineering consultancies
  • Regional and local government authorities
  • Government agencies, such as the Land Transport Authority
  • Construction firms and property developers
  • Infrastructure and utility companies, such as railway and electricity companies.

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B. Tech Courses


  • Surveying Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • Engineering Geology Lab
  • Civil Engineering Material Lab
  • Air & Noise Pollution Lab
  • Concrete Structure Lab
  • Traffic Survey & Analysis Lab
  • Civil Engineering Drawing Lab
  • Geoinformatics Lab
  • Hydraulic Machine Lab
  • Geotechnical Engineering Lab
  • Environmental Engineering Lab
  • Quantity Survey & Estimation Lab
  • Cad Lab
  • Cad Lab 1
  • Cad Lab 2
  • Transportation Engineering Lab
  • Structural Detailing Lab
  • Water & Waste Water Treatment Lab

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