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QUARANTINE MOVIE MARATHON’2020 Organized by Value Education Cell & Dyutiman-The Literary Society, BBDNIIT (056), Lucknow

Theme of Event :

Learning is not Lockdown; Skills are not Lockdown; Talents are not Quarantined and so your inner artists. Everyone is doing something or the other to get them out of the boredom they are facing during the days of Lockdown. So why not wake up the inner artist, actor and movie maker inside us. Value Education Cell, BBDNIIT in collaboration with Dyutiman-The Literary Society of BBDNIIT is organized First Ever ‘Open to All’ Movie Competition titled as “Quarantine Movie Marathon.” The topic of this movie competition is “The Repercussions of Lockdown.” Participants need to shoot a short video of max 5 min on how they think that what will be the aftereffects of this Lockdown on the country, society, people etc.

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