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IEI Student Chapter of Information Technology organized Innovation with Deep Thinking in association with The Institution of Engineers (India) [IEI]

Theme of the Event:

The whole world is suffering from COVID-19 (corona virus disease 2019) which is a pandemic of respiratory disease spreading from person to person caused by a novel (new) corona virus. The life of people has been completely disturbed in the infected zones of the earth. The use of technology to deal with the public life problems developed due to this pandemic is a new concern for researchers and technocrats. It may also be used for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

The event “अन्वेषणis being organized to provide a platform to the students for inventing new ideas by deep thinking to deal with present disastrous scenario.

Guidelines for the students
1. Students are required to submit their Ideas in pdf format through Google Form.
2. Last date of submission of Ideas: Tuesday, May 05, 2020
3. Initial screening of all the ideas will be done with a panel of faculty members.
4. Top 10 students will be selected after initial screening who will be invited to present their ideas through Google Meet and finally 3 best ideas will be selected. The e-certificate will be presented to the winners.

Result of Event

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