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The forte of the department of Electronics and Communication is in the areas of Digital Signal Processing, Communication, Microwave and VLSI design. It has a blend of analog and digital equipment for hardware design, microprocessor and microcontroller programming, independent computing facilities to perform simulation based design using MATLAB, wireless suite, Mathematica, Multisim and many more. Technical Co-curricular and extracurricular activities of the students include participation in paper presentation, workshops, seminars, quizzes, technical competitions and participation in cultural activities channelized through various clubs and events in BBDNIIT College.


To contribute to India and the world through excellence in education and research in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering and to serve as valuable resource for the industry and the society at large.


To create an environment which shall encourage the development of innovative professionals and researchers in the cutting edge technologies of Electronics & Communication Engineering in line with industry requirements and to impart professional ethics with positive attitude.


  • To impart the students sound technical knowledge and skills in the core & related science & mathematics subjects of Electronics & Communication Engineering so that they graduate as professionally competent engineers, capable of applying & implementing the skills acquired.
  • To inculcate in the students to be innovative and passion to excel in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering.
  • To develop managerial and soft skills so that they become a confident personality worthy of taking challenging responsibility & leadership role in the industry & corporate.
  • To equip them with solid foundation in ECE engineering so that they can pursue higher studies in the subject.
  • To groom the students to acquire professional ethics, moral values and devotion to duty so that they prove to be worthy citizen of India with international outlook.

ECE Labs

  • Digital Electronics Lab
  • Advance Analog Circuit Lab
  • PCB Lab
  • Communication Lab
  • Digital Signal Processing Lab
  • Microwave Lab
  • MIMO Wireless Communication Lab
  • Microprocessors Lab

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