Best Projects

SESSION 2019-20

Parul Singh (1605610063)Mr.Waseem AhmadLoconova“LOCO” means to move or locate to describe the motion of the object. “NOVA” tells us about the navigation, that is how the object is to navigate. The basic idea of Project is to automate the automobile industry using the brains of Computer Science. The concept is to provide the driver with all the basic services which makes the vehicle self-esteemed and capable of making decisions on its own with the main objective to reduce the cost of human labour by automating the tasks of the vehicle.
Prabhdit Singh (1605610066)
Ratnesh Pandey (1605610079)
Shubhangi Srivastava (1605610099)
Vipin Kumar Pal (1605610116)
Vaibhav Mehrotra (1605610110)Mr. Sameer AwasthiStock Price Trend Forecasting Using Supervised LearningThe purpose is to analyze various distinctive estimating strategies to anticipate future stock profits based for past returns and numerical news markers to build an arrangement of numerous stocks so as to differentiate the hazard. Various managed learning techniques for stock value guaging are applied by deciphering the apparently riotous market information.
Pratiksha Gupta (1605610072)
Aryan Gupta(1605610027)Prof. Mr. Uttam SinghMovie Trends SystemMovie Trends is a website that serves as an application which could be used to monitor statistics of the Bollywoodcinema. This website contains large number of public data on films such as title of the film, year of the film, genre of the film, audience, rating of critics, duration of the film, summary of the film, actors, directors, and much more. These data can be used to provide statistics for entertainment industry.Application has multiple modules such as movies, analytics, and reviews.information of movies to its user. Platform has to be more user friendly and correct data. Reviews given by users will be helpful for other users and guest to analyze and make their perception about the movie.
Uddeshya Kumar Gupta(1605610108)
Abhishek Yadav(1605610006)
Vishal Srivastava (1605610118)Mr. Waseem AhmadLucrative HospitalLucrative Hospital is meant for multi-specialty hospitals, to hide a good range of hospital administration and management processes. it’s an integrated end-to-end system to deliver relevant information throughout the hospital to support effective deciding for patient care, hospital management and important financial accounting, during a continuous flow.The purpose of project is to supply the facility to both the hospital and to the patients.
MohdAli Rafique(1605610051)
Mohd Tabish Khan(1605610052)
Prajjwal Kumar Jaiswal(1605610068)
Praggya Srivastava (1605610067)Mr. Shubham SinghJunk File OrganizerJunk file organizer has been developed with a motive to organize and make any drive or desktop neat and clean. It will help user to automatically organize files and thus it will save huge amount of time. This project has features like organizing the folder, managing the ‘temp’ and ‘prefetch’ filethat are responsible for making the computer systems run slower the project is intended to get rid of thesefile in just one click to save precious time of daily users.
Gayatri Vijay Joshi (1605610044)
Naman Mishra(1605610054)Mr. Shubham SinghObject Detection with Voice FeedbackThe project is helpful for visually impaired users.It converts image to text and then text to speech for the visually impaired person who deserve to live independently by using You Only Look Once V3 (YOLO v3) algorithm that runs through a variation of an extremely complex Convolutional Neural Network architecture called the Darknet with OpenCV and Google Text to Speech. The annotated text is converted into audio responses and give the location of the objects in the camera’s view. The system will continuously capture multiple frames using a camera on raspberry pi and the frames then converted to audio segment, the obtained results manage to achieve the success of the proposed prototype in giving visually impaired users the capability to understand unfamiliar surroundings, through a user friendly device with this profound object identification model.
Deepankar Singh(1605610038)
Niraj Kumar Mishra(1605610056)
Vishal Pathak(1605610117)

SESSION 2018-19

Astha SinghMr. Himanshu PandeyJava Fx-ChartA Chat application has been developed using Java. The application provides functionalities where people can chat, share links , getnotification , selectthemes and the identify the peole who are available online. The application provides suppport forcross platforms.
Auf Hashmi
Bhupendra Raj
Harshit GuptaMr. Himanshu PandeySelf Driving Vehicle System Through Neural NetA unique embedded controller design of a driverless green energy powered, collisionprotectedand GSM destination guide vehicle is being presented. Implementation has been done using Python. The inputis taken from camera which is modified and forwarded using feed forward neural network. The network is based on Alexnet Design.
Devashish Shrivastava
Dilpreet Singh Gandhi
Mohd. Anas Qureshi
Sony SharmaMr. Kripa Shankar PathakSentiment Analysis of Twitter Data using Machie LearningThe objective of this system is to give sentiment analysis for dynamic tweets. Based on certain threshold value, the accuracy can be improved. Based on the topic of every word in particular tweet, positive, negative or neutral count is maintained and conditions are defined for reply.
Promodani Bala Gautam
Shalu Kumari
Avantika Singh
Ravi Prakash AryaMiss. Suchi SharmaOASISOASIS is a platform which simulates a fully immersive virtual reality. It is combination of hardware and software which aims to create virtual reality, the way we interact with physical or real world.
Yash Jaiswal
Shubham Sriastava
Ashish Kumar
Deeti ShuklaMr. Kripa Shankar PathakE-Diagnostic WebsiteE- Diagnostic proides quality diagnostic services through a efficient network of labs and collection points. The vision is to proide high quality accurate tests and outcomes at affordable prices to the masses. It maintain patient’s medical history, generates bills, recoed of children imunization and maintains information about various diseases and medicines to cure them.
Diyanshu Raghuanshi
Shaiba Farahi
Syed Zarghaam Abbas

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