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Time stands witness to the fact that building material of all the logical studies lie in the hands of applied sciences. It is foundation pillar of all the discipline. All the branches of engineering are derived from basic sciences, Implies that a thorough knowledge of the foundation courses is must for all engineering students. The role of chemistry is recognized in Technical Education besides other disciplines. The study of chemistry is not only highly profitable it also promotes the material interest of mankind.

The study of chemistry involves the matter, which is the basis of creation of life and universe as well. To this end a thorough knowledge of the discipline for engineering students is the need of the day and will be of immense help to gain insight in their respective engineering studies.


  • To make the students aware of the importance of chemistry in technical field.
  • Build up low-cost models in chemistry to excite interest and accelerate the learning process of students.
  • To revise and update the presently available study material.
  • To highlight the basic concept of chemistry
  • To develop a full pledged lab for analysis.
  • Extend the infrastructural facilities of the department for project works.
  • To radically revise and update the chemistry lab curriculum to coordinate the theoretical aspects with experiments.

The following courses/papers are taught by the faculty of Department of Chemistry:

  • B.Tech. Ist Year Engg. Chemistry (RAS 102/202)
  • B.Tech. IInd Year Polymer Science & Technology (NOE035/NOE045)
  • B.Tech. Final year Non-Conventional Energy Resources (NOE081)
  • B.Tech. Second year Environment and Ecology (RAS 302/RAS 402)

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